Ballet and Dance classes for children in Randwick and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney



     "Oztots have far exceeded all of my expectations. My children love it. They are such performers now. They have developed confidence in themselves and their bodies. My eldest child is totally engaged and enjoys herself immensely. I think Oztots is the best step I have made in my children’s development on many levels but most of all they have fun and look forward to their class. THANK YOU!”     
     “Great all-round program – encouraging public speaking, leadership skills as well as rhythm and dance. We really like your firm, disciplined approach which is child appropriate.”
     "Oztots is not all about dance but does incorporate personal development milestone progress/awareness. An excellent teaching environment for learning good social skills! Good body awareness and deportment!”
     “Just keep doing the marvellous work you are doing. I’ve recommended friends in starting the program as I really believe all toddlers need some level of stimulation. The program provides that.”
     “We love Oztots! My two children can’t wait to get to their classes, and I love how extremely well organised it is.”
     “It is a brilliant program – Well Done! Oztots has surprisingly provided much more than I anticipated, I am very happy with the program. My child is always very excited to go to the class. The learning outcomes are all positive.”
     "Jenna has a sense of belonging in her dance class. It is developing her sense of rhythm and her confidence."
     "I enrolled Alice because I had wonderful feedback about the program. Oz Tots teaches pre-schoolers lots of skills in preparation for school. Such as being a member of a class and taking turns, confidence in a small group, the gentle discipline required to interact with others whilst having loads of fun, in a relaxed environment. Marcia, you are a skilled and patient teacher. The children adore you."
     "My daughter was diagnosed with low muscle tone and motor planning issues. Marcia’s obvious understanding of individualised early childhood education and dance made Oz Tots seem the perfect fun environment. We feel very blessed to have had Marcia’s input, and her obvious knowledge of individualised education and early child development and dance that has provided Annika with the best start EVER! Thank you!"


    "I’ve been successfully running dance schools for over 20 years. Over the past 10 years I’ve been running my own unique OZTOTS program in Sydney for hundreds of 3-5 year old children. I love these magical years where children naturally feel the desire and joy of movement and self-expression. I believe every child should be given the opportunity to dance at a young age. It develops creativity, helps them express emotion, enhances their physical development and expands their social skills while improving confidence.
My mission is to give EVERY young child the opportunity to experience the joy of music and dance, no matter where they happen to live in the world. That’s why I’ve decided to make my OZTOTS program available to dance schools, pre-schools, day care centres, community centres and any other group responsible for the care of our most precious young children." 

Marcia Lindoorn
Mother of two
Founder of OZTOTS
    "The OZ TOTS program has been a great teaching aid for us at The McDonald College. This easy to understand and informative teaching tool has everything you need to introduce young children to the joy of dancing and movement. The OZ TOTS program comes with a concise and well thought exercise booklet complete with a matching DVD and CD for each stage of development. I highly recommend the OZ TOTS program." 

Jane Beckett
Head of Dance
The McDonald College    
    "From my experience as a teacher, EQ (emotional quotient) is more important than IQ. If children feel good about themselves the rest will follow. Marcia's program works on a variety of skills to develop the 'whole child'. It helps foster gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, emotional and social skills in an incidental yet fun way. The progress that my child made with this program over the years was just amazing."  

Karen Berson
Mother of two
Teacher specialising in Childhood    
    “My Grandson has participated in the OZ TOTS programs for 2 years. There was never a moment of boredom or lack of interest in attending the classes. His coordination, musicality and social skills have developed in such an amazing way that his self-confidence is now a positive anchor in all areas of his life. I have watched the process of both programs. They are well thought out with activities composed to joyful music. While having fun (which keeps them focused) the children benefit in coordination, mental stimulation and through music. Every Pre-Schooler should participate in this great all round program.”      

Val Lloyd
Mother & Grandmother
Former owner of Dance Arts    
    “OZ TOTS is an excellent, well-rounded program. My two girls love it! The program has benefitted them in many ways: gross motor skills, general confidence, socialisation, knowledge of numbers, colours and direction; self-discipline, attention to instruction, rhythm and self-expression are some of the ‘hidden extras’ that I didn’t anticipate. Oz Tots has really enhanced my children’s development at this vital stage of their lives.”     

Saima Hayes
Mother of two        
    “The OZ TOTS school appealed to me because the emphasis was not only on learning to move and dance, but developing wide and varied skills that would help them with their transition to school life and in the years ahead. I’ve been a Personal Development/Healthy and Physical Education teacher and I recognise that the OZ TOTS program has the overall development of each child as a priority. I thoroughly recommend the program to any parent or teacher who is looking for a dynamic, secure and fun activity for their children."        

Michelle Devlin
Previously PD/Health/PE Coordinator
St Clares College Waverley          

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