Ballet and Dance classes for children in Randwick and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney


​Q - "​​If my child misses a class would she be able to make it up?"
A - “Yes sure, have a look at the Timetable on our website and let us know the class your child would like to attend and we will let you know of availability”

Q – “My child gets anxious when I have to leave her, what should I do?”
A -   “When a child is reluctant to let the parent leave after a few classes, we work together with the parent/carer and make some suggestions. Most of the time once the child feels safe and comfortable with the teacher and the environment, they are happy for their parent to leave.  It is imperitive that the parent/carer lets us know about any issues the child may have. It is important  to us that our classes are a happy and a caring experience"

Q -   “Why do parents have to leave?"
A -    “We do understand the parent wants to watch their precious child however, in almost all cases  the child will often run to the parent during the class which is a distraction for the child and the other children. However we do have Open Week twice a year and parents are invited to come in and watch”

Q – “What if Granny, Aunty or a family member is visiting from Overseas or are unable to attend Open Week etc, will they be allowed to watch?”
A -    “Absolutely!“​​
Q – “Do I need to pay extra for Insurances and music licences?”
A -   “No, it is included in the Fees for the entire time the child is with us”
Q – “Do we need to enrol every term?”
A - “No, once you have registered, your spot will be kept in the class for the year UNLESS you let us  know prior to the commencement of the new term you are not returning”​​
Q -   “Why do we have a uniform?
A -   “With many years of working with the Oz Tots, Oz Kids Dance, Oz Kinder age group and trying out  different options of attire, various outfits have caused too many distractions and may feel left out when some are more extravagant than others. Children feel part of a group when they have the same outfit. 

We have designed  a practical and beautiful uniform which the children love AND is Australian made. The leotard will be used for all levels.
Oz Kids Dance & Oz Tots uniforms
Q – “Why do you have concerts?”
A -   “Our concerts are held as an INTRODUCTION to the theatre. It’s an ‘exciting’ experience being on the stage in front of an audience which are mainly family and friends.

Their concert only  lasts for approximately 1 hour.

The children love the lights, dressing up in a colourful outfit and are excited to be performing in front of their family & friends.

The inexpensive outfits are designed so that they can be worn after the event.

 Through many years of putting on these concerts the children gain an incredible amount of  confidence which is heart-warming”
Example of concert outfits

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